Vaftsy FEA Projects Background
FEA as per ASME Sec 8 Div2
For the pressure vessel, Nozzle loads were given for Analysis. The Objective was to analyze the system for stresses and check the whether the ASME code criteria for stresses in the Nozzle Shell junction was being met.
As per code, Stress Linear-ization was done across 3 paths at the nozzle junction and the following stresses were plotted.

Membrane Stresses (PL)

Membrane + Bending Stresses (PL + PB)

Total Stresses (PL + PB + Q)
Code specifies allowable stresses for each of these stresses which are then compared.
For feasibility of Contact Definition, Second Order Hex elements were used, and the weld region contacts were defined as Bonded in natures

Nozzle Junction Stress Linear-ization

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