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Vaftsy CAE: The Future

Vaftsy’s motto is that the Future is Malleable, it can be molded into, by a combination of hard work, dedication, and clear objectives.

We have laid our objectives in front of us, we want to continue to be a dependable analysis team in the field of ASME, and deliver on many more complex analysis systems in the field. We see similar continuity in the field of Robotics and Robot dynamics in line with what we are already doing.

However we want to challenge our capabilities, we have already began the process by initiation into the field of Composites, with focused research on Composite Simulations, Polymers, we are moving full steam. From Fiber Reinforced Composites to Nano Platelets, we have leaving no stone unturned.

Similar moves are being made in domain of Fracture Mechanics, to develop crack growth estimation simulations. Advanced FEA techniques such as Birth and Death have been implemented in research and will now be rolled out in industrial projects. Piezo electric and other multi physics analysis  such as thermo-electric have already been explored and objective to delve deeper into them.

We also foresee us moving into the domain of dynamics. With addition of Talent from industry we are taking efforts to make a strong foundation in the domain.

We see endless possibilities in the sea of FEA, we have our bearing, and we are traversing the waters to move ahead.

Vaftsy CAE: The History

The Vaftsy journey began with an idea which cropped up in the mind of Mr Vinaay Patil. A recent graduate from University of Texas at Arlington, USA,  with an aim to excelling in the field of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

During that period India was looked upon by the engineering services industry as more of cheap, mass labor provider. It was the time when loads of outdated 2D drawings were needed to be upgraded to 3D models, and further integrated into PLM activites. There was decent growth in this segment, and even work in the analysis field was on similar lines.

The crucial decision that Vaftsy took at its inception was to consciously move away from the trend and venture into the domain of value addition, not just provide services for the sake of providing them, but to participate in design improvement and optimization. Talent was recruited in line with this philosophy. Initial work was hard, as Vaftsy need to prove itself. Hence it aggressively moved into Training services, the idea was to showcase our knowledge in training and persuading our clients to utilize this knowledge in product delivery.

Vaftsy has gradually increased trust with its clients, and has participated in technical improvement of their products through simulation.

Today Vaftsy is an established player with credentials in ASME applications, Robotics, Steel Structure Design and Analysis, Simulating non linear and Vibration based problems.