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Vaftsy CAE

Vaftsy began its journey as a dream, an endeavor to excel in the field of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The idea was not just to provide services but to add value to our clients. Use the best of simulation to serve our clients and deliver on their requirements.

Today it has built relationships with clients across the globe, these relationships evolve around dependability and quality.

The effort was to avoid becoming “just another meshing provider, or just another resources provider”, We have always strived for excellence.  We have encouraged research and development, Testament to this is that annually over 23 research papers are published by the talent that is there at Vaftsy.

Today we have delivered in the field of ASME: code based design by analysis approach, with an extensive range of structural, thermal, coupled, transient and seismic analysis.  Robotics, Offshore Structures, Automobile are the exciting domains in which we have already established our presence. Gradually we are registering ourselves in the domain of Composites and Electromagnetic's.

A spirited team at Vaftsy is always at the forefront of innovation, reducing analysis times, updating with latest trends, exploring the limits of what we can do.

We truly believe in a better engineered future

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